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There are many reasons for you to choose Limousin cattle:

1. Limousin cattle are the ideal complement to British Based Cattle

2. Maternal Efficiency - Limousin's Best Kept Secret:
Low maintenance requirements and high efficiency over a wide range of available feed resources.
Limousin is also the leading major continental breed for calving ease along with moderate milk and mature size

3. Limousin Genetic Trends Tell The Story
Best adapted continental breed for the case-ready beef industry
High weaning and yearling muscle growth with moderate birth weight
Documented genetic merit in docility, scrotal circumference, milk and stayability
Comprehensive predictions for carcass merit

4. Limousin is the largest Continental breed registry in the United States.

5. Limousin is the leader in Muscle Growth Efficiency and is the ideal complement to British cross cows.

"Because Limousin had a higher dressing percentage, higher percentage of retail product and lower percentage of bone than the other breeds, it was the most efficient in measures of efficiency where the endpoint was retail product gain,"-MARC 1999.

"Most planned crossbreeding is smart, but what's the best cross"? says Dr. Kent Andersen, NALF Executive Vice President. "Limousin bulls are the best cross on British based females, because the right Limousin genetics will add muscle and increase cutability, decrease fat thickness, improve efficiency to case-ready endpoints, maintain moderate birth weights and mature size."