Kansas Limousin Breeders Association  |  Pat Meek, Secretary/Treasurer
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August 5, 2018 Membership Letter
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Results of the 2018 Kansas State Fair Open Limousin Show
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2018/2019 KLBA Fundraiser First Prize: Daniel Boone Green Mountain Grill 2nd Prize 52 Quart Ozark Trail High Performance Cooler $10 each or 3 for $25 Drawing to be held at the Flint Hills Choice Sale March 2019 Tickets will be available soon.

Auction Items


Thank you to everyone who provided donation items for the Kansas Limousin Breeders Association silent auction on March 10th and 11th.  The following people donated items for the silent auction-Mark and Amanda Beikmann, Jerry and Pat Meek, Trevor and Pam Gum, Allan Eggenberger and Desiree Garcia, KC and Courtney Youngblood, Randy and Nancy Corns, Chris and Karen Campbell, David Campbell, Dean and Bev Summerbell, Jeral and Darcy Hahn, Ryan and Shelby Reed, Ed and Rita Anderson, Jason and Wendy Grady.  Hopefully I didn't miss anyone.  Then we want to thank all the buyers of these donated items- Hubert and Joanne Thomas, Clay and Kaycie Schilling, Ed and Rita Anderson, Alan Eggenberger and Desiree Garcia, Dean and Bev Summerbell, Kyle and Teri Dye, Edwards Limousin (MO), Cathy Hamlin, Trevor and Pam Gum, David Campbell, Jordan Dye, David and Michelle Ratliff and Jeral and Darcy Hahn. The auction netted KLBA $950.00.  Thank you so very much for your donations and your purchases.  Also thank you to all who brought food for our evening social at the sale barn it was a fun time catching up with everyone's news.  Thanks to Darcy Hahn who made the evening very fun for all with the "minute to win it games"